Fixing the Foundation

  1. Inflexible game mechanics

The Fix

Instead of going through an explicit migration where you exchange your existing tokens for tokens in a new contract, we want to handle this transition implicitly as part of staking your tokens. This means that when you stake your existing tokens, they are automatically wrapped by a token in a new gas-efficient contract before being deposited into the staking contract. When you later unstake your tokens, you will receive the wrapped tokens.

Upcoming changes

Making all these changes to our foundation is a big undertaking, and we have discussed ways that we can move forward from here in a faster, more visible way by breaking the project down into smaller milestones. This iterative approach will keep the community updated every step of the way, in addition to giving us enough time for the transition.

  1. Turning off passive staking (ETA 5/18).
    This will result in the gas cost of token transfers becoming about 50% cheaper. One important thing to note is that, once we turn off passive staking, any unclaimed rainbows will be lost.
  2. Turning on active staking + gas-efficient new contracts. (ETA 5/25)
    Once we deploy the new contracts, you will be able to wrap and stake your existing tokens in a single transaction. If you unstake your tokens, they will appear in one of three new collections, with Evil Noundles and Companions now in their own, separate collections.
  3. Enabling claims of rainbows earned through active staking. (ETA 6/1)
    Once this last step is in place, you will be able to withdraw your pending rainbow balance that is earned through staking your tokens. You will not lose any rainbows from the time you stake until the time you can claim your rainbows.



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